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We often work with suppliers to help deliver the projects that we design – from design and videography to artists, training providers and public art installations, there are a wide range of opportunities for businesses to work with BID Leicester.

When identifying new providers we will issue a Request For Quotes (RFQ) document, outlining our requirements and inviting proposals from interested suppliers. RFQ documents will be sent to providers we are aware of that may be interested, and the opportunity will be posted on our social media channels and on our website below with contact details. Proposals are usually reviewed by a panel of our board members who make a decision to appoint a provider.

We are keen to work with local suppliers and invest in the local economy but our decisions will always be driven by the quality of proposals that we receive.

Current opportunities:

Call for sponsored events and projects for 2024

BID Leicester is looking for events and projects to support for 2024.

We will support a limited number of projects that fit with our strategic objectives and deliver a measurable impact for BID levy-paying businesses.  Our business plan for 2023-2028 can be viewed here.

The deadline for applications is Thursday 20th July 2023. As usual, decisions on applications will be made by a panel of BID Board members.

Please fill out the sponsorship application form and email it to [email protected]

Note: We are aware that some people have had difficulties with the finance section – if that is the case please submit your budget on a separate document.

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