BID Leicester Business Plan 2023-28


The Leicester Business Improvement District was established in 2017 after 85% of businesses voted ‘yes’ to the development of a BID in the city in a ballot for an initial five year first term. As it’s first five-year term draws to a close, BID Leicester is in the process of developing it’s next business plan, a vision for Leicester between 2023-28. 

To set out our initial direction of travel for this next plan, we have created a consultation document. Based on feedback from surveys and consultation sessions with our levy payers, your opinions about this document will inform which parts are taken forward and included in the final Business Plan, committing them to the second BID term. 

To make any comments and have your say, please contact [email protected] with “Final Consultation” in the subject line by 1st April 2022, or call us on 01296 925082.

 Click here to read the Consultation Document.


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