We are awaiting further information with full details of the closure of non-essential retail and delayed reopening of further sectors in Leicester. The health of our community should always be top priority, and we support decisions taken that will protect our city from Coronavirus.

That said, we are disappointed for our hard-working businesses – the retail outlets that have worked hard to adjust and keep customers safe over the last few months, and those who were busy behind the scenes preparing to welcome customers again this weekend. To close them again with only a moment’s notice, so soon after reopening, will mean further hardship and struggle.

It is essential that more data from Public Health England is published that places the city in the context of the national picture; both the businesses and the citizens of Leicester deserve to see a full breakdown of the numbers that were used to justify this decision.

We would like to remind our businesses that the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is still available to them should they need to use it, and along with Leicester City Council and the LLEP we will be lobbying government for extraordinary support for businesses affected by these extraordinary measures in the city.

The BID team remains available and will continue to assist and advise our businesses through this unprecedented situation, providing guidance to prepare for reopening safely when it is permitted to do so. We will send a full update to BID levy-payers as soon as possible. Businesses can contact the team on [email protected]

Extended restrictions that have been announced are as follows:

  • Leicester and its outlying areas are to be asked to continue to follow stricter restrictions for at least two weeks from 30 June.
  • Non-essential shops which opened on 15 June will be asked to close again, and the city’s bars, restaurants and hairdressers will not open on 4 July as planned.
  • All schools in the area identified will be asked to close for most pupils from 2 July and will not reopen until next term. More information will be shared with parents directly.
  • The changes will apply to Leicester and parts of Leicestershire close to the city’s boundaries. The map below outlines the areas affected

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