Emergence light and sound installation Leicester Christmas 2023


13-23 December
12-10PM (illuminated from 4pm)
The Circle (bottom of New Walk), Leicester, LE1 6RU

Emergence’ will make its debut in Leicester after wowing audiences at Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival earlier in 2022. Prepare for a meditative, thought-provoking, and impressive experience that is free and appeals to all.

Experience the Leicester debut of Emergence, an awe-inspiring audiovisual artwork created by globally acclaimed artists This is Loop. Emergence invites you to explore the interplay of light and sound, in a meditative moment of escape from reality.

About Emergence:

This is Loop’s Emergence is a ground-breaking audiovisual sculpture that explores the interplay of order and chaos through stunning visuals and captivating music. This meditative installation offers an inclusive and contemplative experience. The sculpture, measuring three by ten meters, features mirrored, tunnel trapezoids stacked like bricks, adorned with over 10,000 LED lights, creating a breathtaking visual effect.

By day, Emergence mirrors the sky, buildings, and its audience, reflecting its surroundings in a multifaceted way. As darkness descends, Emergence comes to life with a choreographed light show set to an original soundscape by NYX electronic drone choir. NYX electronic drone choir specializes in pushing the boundaries of what a choir can be, crafting enthralling compositions that enhance the immersive experience.

This free and accessible installation is designed for all members of the community, transcending language and appealing to all ages. This is Loop aims to highlight the importance of art, light, and well-being during the winter months, offering free access to culture for all during challenging economic times.

About the artists:

This is Loop, a collaboration between artists Harriet Lumby and Alan Hayes, is celebrated for their large-scale experiential installations that merge reflections and illusion, seamlessly blending technology, science, and art. With a distinctive architectural style, their playful sculptures beckon audiences into intense and thought-provoking audiovisual journeys. Through collaborations with sound artists and musicians, they delve deeper into ideas and concepts, creating a profound connection between viewers and their works. Their portfolio includes large-scale site-specific installations showcased both in the UK and internationally.

To find more more information about what’s going on over the festive season, head to the Christmas In Leicester website.

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